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Speech on Teacher's Day

Greetings on occasion of Teachers' Day!

• While I extend my sincere greetings to teachers everywhere, I take pride to salute the teachers of my state for I know under what circumstances they are working, especially in remote and rural areas, and shaping the future of our beloved Arunachal Pradesh. I also call upon my fellow citizens to recognize, acknowledge and pay their respects to the teaching community of our state on this auspicious occasion.

• Teachers are the cornerstones of our future and act as foundation for creating responsible citizens and good human beings. This day is celebrated to show our acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by our teachers towards our development. Let us not fail them.  

• Since 1962, India has been celebrating Teacher's Day on 5th September. The day commemorates the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, the second President of India but first a philosopher and a teacher, and his mind-flex contribution to the field of education.

• I am happy that teachers who have shown utter dedication towards their profession are getting honoured and rewarded on this day. This is a laudable initiative of the Education Department and I personally believe it should continue for all times to come.

• Dr. Radhakrishnan always believed that "teachers should be the best minds in the country". I agree with him. Arunachal needs good, committed, hardworking, sincere, and dedicated teachers with best of the minds.

• There is a general concern that our government schools are not functioning up to the mark. In far flung locations, teachers do not attend the classes regularly. This is affecting the very status of the existence of government schools as students prefer private schools. This is very serious. Our state is paying the highest salary to SSA teachers in the country.

• Even our other teachers are receiving salary at par with the best of the lots in the country. While we celebrate the day, let us also introspect and give our minds in correcting where we are failing. If a teacher fails in his duty, students will fail in their lives.

• I know the hardships being faced by our teachers, especially those serving in interior areas where even basic amenities to live a life of dignity is unavailable. Despite hardships like lack of basic facilities like accommodation and communication, teachers in remote Arunachal Pradesh have proved more than their mettle in educating and churning out intellectuals over the years. Our teachers need more appreciation and recognition than their counterparts elsewhere. My government is committed to look into these issues.

• As soon as I took over as Chief Minister of the state, I had committed to provide accommodation to our teachers in interior places on top priority. Work in this regard is on. I have also committed to recognize and reward hard-working teachers and provide incentives for those working in remote locations.

• Today I request our Education Commissioner to come out with a detail incentive scheme within a fortnight to encourage teachers to work in hard and middle belts.

• I understand that managing school education cannot be left only to the Directorate of School Education. The district Deputy Commissioner must take charge of nurturing, monitoring, and supervising all the schools within the district. If schools function properly, the students will receive all the benefits like textbook, mid-day-meal, uniform, etc., the parents will be happy, the energy of the students will be channelized positively and the overall environment will become better.

• Therefore, I am asking all the DCs to get all the schools inspected, problems identified and remedial measures taken within next two months. They must take appropriate action promptly against the defaulting officials and use all measures to make each school properly functional.

• You all must be aware of the Mid Day Meal tragedy in Bihar where many children fell prey to food poisoning due to carelessness of the authorities. I would like to call upon all the teachers to ensure strict inspection of the mid-day meals before serving it to the children.

• I congratulate the Department of Education for novel initiatives taken to streamline the education scenario of the state. The Education Department has started doing regular inspection of schools, which is a good step. Now they must take action on the findings.

• The initiative of GUIDE scheme to encourage our officers to adopt and mentor a school of their choice is also a laudable effort. Mentoring a school is a benevolent task with far reaching implications as has been witnessed in some states of the country. It works on the belief that every educated and well-informed individual needs to attach himself/herself with the present day school system. As they say charity begins at home, the officers in the Department and in the Districts are expected to become the torchbearers of this strategy.

• As education is a priority of every government, we have launched number of flagship schemes to develop the sector. • In order to encourage girl child education, a new scheme Vidya has been launched. Under this scheme, every girl student of class-V in Government Schools will have a fixed deposit of Rs 5000 for continuing education.

• This amount will be made available to the girl student with interest after completion of Class-XII. We have allocated Rs 5 Crore for the scheme, which will benefit more than 10,000 girls in the current year.

• To break the barrier and ensure attendance and hygiene of girl students of class VI-XII in Government Schools, sanitary napkins to about 82,000 girl students will be provided. For this a provision of Rs two Crore has been allocated.

• Broadening the mandate of the CM talent award scheme for meritorious students, my Government will provide laptops to all those students who score more than 60% in class X examination from Government Schools.

While last year only 1200 students benefited from a similar scheme, this year on about 5000 students will be benefited.

• In order to recognize and encourage the exemplary services of our teachers, Chief Minister's award for Excellence in quality education i.e. "Best Teachers Award" - Male and Female - has been instituted.  Rs one Crore has been allocated for this purpose. Also, in each district, one school will be selected for the 'Best School Award' with cash incentives.

• At the end let me conclude by giving you a new meaning of the word 'TEACHER'. 'T' of TEACHER stands for 'Talent', ‘E’ stands for 'Education', 'A' for 'Attitude', 'C' for 'Character', 'H' for ‘Harmony', 'E' for 'Efficient' and 'R' stands for ‘Relation’. I hope you have got my point and will adhere to this message while dispensing your duties as a teacher. I also hope that this Teachers Day would re-instil in you a sense of responsibility towards your students and re-dedicate yourselves for the cause of the world's noblest profession. With your cooperation our children will receive quality learning in the best of environment.

• My congratulations to all the State Awardees and best wishes once again on this auspicious day!

• Jai Hind, Jai Arunachal.

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