Bihar E Pass Apply Online : Corona Pass Status Check For Lockdown

Bihar E Pass Apply Online :- COVID -19 has spread all over the world. All over the world suffer from this virus . All over the world suffers with economic and social interruption. Our government is taking many initiative to decrease the effect of COVID on the common people. Our Government has been implementing lockdowns all over the country. Every state government has announced their own lockdown rules and regulations and time period. Recently, Bihar Government announced complete lockdown. No one is allowed to go outside in this situation. In any emergency condition, if you have to go anywhere , you need lockdown emergency pass.

To get this Bihar E-Pass, You can apply online on the official website of Bihar lockdown pass. After that you can get this pass. Anyone can apply for Bihar Lockdown E-pass through official website of Bihar Government. E Pass

Bihar Government has launched an official website for E-Pass. People can apply for the E-Pass on this ( official website. After that , people can get the lockdown pass easily in Bihar.

COVID patients are increasing day by day and death ratio is also increasing everyday. Bihar Government took some lead to continue the supply of essential goods in this lockdown. Government of Bihar has made accessing E-Pass to be easier for emergency condition.

How to get Lockdown E Pass in Bihar?

Application Procedure For Bihar E Pass Application Online:-

  • At first, You have to go to the official website (
  • Now, You have to click on left most button to change the language (Hindi or English).
  • After selecting the language, you have to click on “Apply Online” option.
  • After that , click on the ” Issuance of e-pass for COVID-19 Disaster”.
  • Now, New page will open in front of you.
  • On this page, You have to fill the details.
  • After that, You have to upload the photos.
  • Now, Tick on the check box.
  • After that, you have to select the office where you want to apply and enter the digits which is displayed.
  • You have to click on “Proceed” option.
  • Your details will be viewed on the screen, if you want to change any details . You can do it carefully.
  • After changing the details, you have to click on the “Attach Annexure” option.
  • On the next page, You have to upload the required documents.
  • Finally , Click on the “Submit” button.

You can complete the Application Procedure using above mentioned procedure for E Pass online application in Bihar.

Bihar E Pass Status Check

You can also check the status of the online Bihar E-Pass application through this way –

  • At first, You have to go to the official website of the Bihar Government (
  • In the citizen section, You have to click on on the “Track Application”.
  • You can check the status of your online application through reference number or OTP.
  • You will get details , which is depend on your selection.
  • You have to also enter the Captcha Code .
  • finally, You have to click on “Submit” button.

Using these steps, you can check the status of your Bihar lockdown E Pass application.

Download Bihar Lockdown E pass

After the process of the application , You have to wait for a certain duration for the approval of the corona e-pass. If Your reason is genuine , you will get the e-pass. Genuine reason is compulsory to getting the e-pass. If your reason is not genuine, then your application is rejected immediately. In the case of approved COVID E-Pass application, You have to follow the following steps to download the E-Pass.

  • If Your Corona E-Pass application is approved , then you will get the download link on your registered mobile number.
  • Now, You have to click on the download link which will be opened in the browser.
  • A new page will be open in front of you. Now, You have to enter your application number on this page. E-Pass will be downloaded automatically by entering the application number.

Some Important Points About Bihar E-Pass

  • Bihar Corona E-Pass is provided so that that individual can travel in the state for emergency purposes with E-Pass.
  • These E-Passes are not same for all people. These are different according to the profession and purpose of use. A particular E-Pass is used for the particular purposes.
  • If the authority finds anything wrong in your application, then they can reject your application.
  • If People want to travel to other state or out side the state. They need to fill up an offline form and apply for the same. For the final approval, they need to carry this form to the district control room.

Being a responsible citizen, You should use this E-Pass only for emergency purposes.